The Top 10 Best Outlander Websites

There are many places on the internet where you can get different kinds of information about everything Outlander but these 10 websites stand out because they either have tons of stuff in one place, they are unique in how they display their content or because they have something most others don’t. I have tried to list not only all the big well-known sites but to also include some of the newer/smaller ones. All of them are definitely worth taking a look at.


  1. Diana Gabaldon                                                            image                                                    This is where it all began way back when things started to take off for the Outlander book series so of course this is at the top of my list. There is LOTS of background material, blog, news, videos etc but be warned – this is truly massive and really exiting so don’t go there unless you have plenty of time on your hands and nothing else to do with it. Regardless of that, do yourself the favor of finding that time. You will not regret it.


2. Outlander official site/Starz

imageThis is exclusively for the Outlander TV show and has everything you want/need to know about this part of the Outlander world. Community board, Ronald Moore podcasts, Outlander costumes, quizzes, cast and crew and much more. Overlook the promotion material if you wish and you have many hours of entertainment.



3. Ladies of Lallybroch
imageThe oldest fan website, established 1997 so they know what they’re doing. All of the best quotes are listed in chronological order for when you need a little dose of Outlander and there are a total of 11 different message board so there should be one for every fan desire.



4. My Outlander Purgatory

imageA blogging website with very personal and spot on reviews of the books as well as a nice little Outlander related shop featuring t-shirts, mugs and more with hilarious text. Started in 2009 this is another huge site with reading material enough for many hours if not days.



5. My Outlander Blog

imageAnother blogging site but more focused on the TV show and all this has inspired people to do, think, feel etc. Fairly new (2013) and so not quite so daunting to approach perhaps. More than 4000 subscribers are definitely a mark of approval in my book.



6. Outlander Cast with Mary and Blake.

imageA website with the greatest podcasts focused on Outlander and hosted by husband and wife Larsen. This adds to the appeal since we get to hear the male perspective from someone who is also a devoted fan. At their blog every fan can post thoughts dealing with Outlander and there are some very interesting pieces there. I’m definitely going to spend a lot more time there in the future.



7. My Outlander Site

image            A work in progress still but with something I have not seen elsewhere (though I might just have overlooked it): word puzzles and trivia games based on Outlander. There is also a listing of characters with a short recap of who, why and when as well as a link to more info on each actor.



8.  Fuck yeah Jamie and Claire

imageHere is a page dedicated to gifs and pictures of the TVshow – Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe primarily, so if that has your fancy this is a place to look. They recently celebrated 18000 followers and there are more than 800 pages to look at so might just get started as soon as possible. If you tab into the archive you are presented with an overview like an Instagram board – neat.



9. A Dram of Outlander

imageEstablished June 2014 this is another fairly new blog but it already has more than 12000 followers. It focuses on the books, the show and everything in between so there is something for everyone here. There are links to interviews and other blogs, along with lots of great photographs and now and again a podcast focusing on a specific episode.




imageIf you want to be sure not to miss the opportunity to support the Outlander crew and cast by casting your vote at various awards then be sure to check this website regularly. Voting for Outlander is more or less all this site is about and they are also on various other social media so you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter if that suits you better.

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