7 of My Favorite YouTube Clips with Sam Heughan


There really are SO many videos on YouTube featuring Sam Heughan and it can be hard to choose which ones to watch as you never know if they’re actually any good. This is a little collection of my personal most favorite Sam Heughan moments/interviews. I deliberately have picked mostly from among the least viewed clips in order to perhaps be able to show you something you have not already seen.

Number 1.

They talk a bit about Scotland, the show and the skills Sam needed to learn to play his role convincingly and as they are talking you hear bagpipes playing in the background which Sam is positively surprised by.


Number 2.

Really fun to watch. Sam’s facial expressions are priceless. Sam answers fan questions and also explains the reason why Outlander is on Amazon and not on an ordinary TV channel.


Number 3.

A great interview and you can see that Sam is really pleased to see the fans outside the studio looking in and waving.


Number 4.

Talking about the RadioTimes award and thanking all the fans for their support.


Number 5.

He really is just so generous with his time and takes care to give something back to the fans.


Number 6.

This video features short interviews with other cast members as well and really good questions too, not just the “what’s under the kilt?”


Number 7.

I really like this one. It gives you a sense of who Sam Heughan is as a person and he is so convincing that I might actually try some whisky myself one day even though I never liked it before.

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