Top 10 Outlander art

There are so many talented people on the internet and some of them make absolutely amazing Outlander art. I like the traditional pencil/watercolor pictures best because I think they require the most effort and talent as compared to digital art. Here is a collection from around the internet of my favorite outlander art. I hope you like them.
201. This is one of the best out there. It really captures the mystery that Geillis Duncan exudes. I find it amazing that some people have the ability to draw like this. Found at





image2. This is one of my absolute favorites. Found at









283. By Kate Hoff at









214. This one is what you might call fan fiction in that it is not from an actual scene but something the artist was inspired to draw based on the story.







225. A great one of Murtagh. Found at










296. From the wedding night. By Livia Weasley at







257. Another good one of Jamie found at










278. Digital art with great coloring by ladyravenartwork at





249. Great drawing of Claire found at










2610. Found at by Nicolelouisaart.

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