5 Best “Love to Hate” Laoghaire Moments of Season 1

imageLaoghaire is looked upon by many Outlander fans, readers and viewers alike, with resentment, scorn and perhaps even a little hate. To some extent her actions can be explained by her unrequited teenage crush on Jamie (at 16 that can definitely feel like the end of the world) but when she does her best to dispose of Claire by having her accused of being a witch, she in my opinion crosses the line between a to some degrees understandable need for revenge and outright attempted murder. She is the perfect example of how a woman scorned is the worst enemy you can have. I must admit that she is a character I love to hate and I have collected 5 of my favorite Laoghaire moments in the following.



image1. When Jamie and Claire return to Castle Leoch after their marriage Laoghaire seeks out Jamie and asks him why he married Claire. Jamie feels sorry for the girl and thus doesn’t tell her straight out about his love for Claire. And so instead of accepting that he is now off limits Laoghaire hopes he will eventually change his mind. That little smile of hers at the end of this scene says it all.



image2. Laoghaire can see that Jamie is troubled and that his marriage is under stress at the moment and she seeks him out at the river in order to take advantage of the moment and seduce him and thereby ruin his relationship with Claire. Definitely made me curl my toes!



image3. Laoghaire buys an ill-wish from Geillis Duncan and puts it under Jamie and Claire’s bed in the hopes of ruining their marriage. Although I know it’s superstition and won’t have any effect I still resent her reasons for putting it there.



image4. When Claire confronts Laoghaire with the ill-wish Laoghaire lashes out at her and says “My poor Jamie, trapped in a love-less marriage, forced to share his bed with a cold English bitch. He must have to get himself swine drunk every night before he can stand to plough your field.” I for one relished the fact that Claire looses her temper and slaps the girl across the face. She SO deserved that although it probably only made matters worse and ultimately led to her more drastic measures later.



image5. Finally when all else fails Laoghaire makes sure that Claire gets caught up in the capture and witch trial of Geillis Duncan. Pure act of evil if ever there was one, and at the trial she testifies all teared-up against Claire and at some point manages to tell Claire gleefully that she will dance on her ashes.

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