Diana Gabaldon’s amazing Outlander characters







Ever since I read Outlander for the first time more than twenty years ago I have occasionally been slightly put off by the way Claire seems to somehow get herself into more trouble than strictly necessary. It has been the same watching the TV show. I found myself feeling a bit annoyed with her, especially since I ¬†knew perfectly well what was going to be the consequences of her actions. Oddly enough, this is also the exact reason why I love her and Diana Gabaldon’s other amazing characters so much: they feel and behave like real people to me because of these flaws. They do what you would least expect them to do at times and have to struggle immensely to get out of the trouble they got themselves into. I am positive that this is also the main reason why so many people around the world have been able to relate to these characters and fall in love with the books.

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