10 Signs You’re a Diehard Outlander Fan



Slight exaggeration, strong language and lots of irony might occur in this post.

1. You are a member of at least 10 different Outlander fan groups on Facebook and you don’t really care if they’re Spanish, Italian, American or Russian as long as you get to interact with fellow Outlander followers (you can go a long way with Google translate).

2. You follow more than 15 Outlander Facebook pages to be sure you don’t miss ANYTHING in the news department.

3. Your most anticipated weather forecast for the weekend is “severe storm and the police recommends that everyone stay indoors”. It’s the perfect excuse to watch the whole of season 1 – for the seventh time so you stock your pantry with grab and go foods and try to convince your husband to take the kids and go visit his parents because you will NOT be cooking during that weekend.

4. You regularly check the Internet for new and exciting websites dealing with Outlander so the search term “Outlander websites blogs” virtually pops up by itself on your screen.

5. You’re always on the lookout for new photographs of the actors to add to your growing collection. You are seriously thinking about getting an external hard disk since they have almost used up all the memory of your iPad.

6. You desperately want to attend one of the Outlander conventions and since it is so expensive you have convinced your husband that a summer vacation next year is really unnecessary. Staying at home can be every bit as fun as a trip to the Italian Riviera and you know what they say about never discovering all the exiting things that are in your own neighborhood.

7. You lie awake at night speculating about when season two is going to premiere and when the exact date will be announced so you can finally start the countdown.

8. You really get pissed off when a reviewer gives the TV show bad critique. Especially if the reviewer is a man who has obviously not cared enough to watch more than the first half hour and blatantly admits that although he has not read any of the books, in his opinion this is pure romance and as such not worthy of his attention.

9. You are determined to stay alive for as long as it takes Diana Gabaldon to finish the series even if that requires having a donor transplant of a vital organ or being dependent on life supporting machines. Whatever it takes you’ll do it.

10. When you can afford another summer holiday (once the Outlander Convention visit is ticked off) you want to go to Scotland and visit all the Outlander related sights, be part of a traditional Highland Games event and learn to appreciate whisky.

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