10 Most Sexy William Lawson’s Whisky Commercials – Ever

This whisky company has really understood how to brand their product and connect it to the common understanding of Scottish Highlanders as sexy, fearless, brave, and slightly savage warriors who stop at nothing to scare their opponents – with a humorous twist that is typically Scottish. All in all a bunch of good looking men wearing kilts.

imageOver the years William Lawson’s has made numerous whisky commercials featuring Scottish Highlanders and great humor. Here are my 10 absolute favorites. I hope you enjoy them – I sure did!!!









  1. This is definitely the best Haka ever – Highland style.




2. This features actress Sharon Stone.



3. Be a man and join the Highland clan.



4. Highlanders to the rescue.



5. Fox hunting the Highlander way.



6. At the tattoo.



7. The Highlanders take on Recife.



8. Cannonball pétanque.



9. A day at the office. Featuring actor Elijah Wood.



10. Arriving at the club – on horseback.

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